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Updated: May 15, 2020

For most people when they decide to start their fitness journey or have a fitness goal, it is usually due to something happening in their life which has sparked this drive for change.

For example, I have a client who came to me five months ago because he had been to the doctor for his annual MOT. He received the shock of his life when his doctor told him that he had high blood pressure, likely a fatty liver and is now at far greater risk of type two diabetes.

This news obviously came as a huge shock and he knew that if he didn't make changes soon then he would really be in trouble. This sparked a new drive in him to make the necessary changes needed in order to reverse his symptoms and get himself healthy again. That's when he got in touch with me.

We met for a consultation and it became clear very quickly where the problem really lay.

Like many people, he had developed really unhealthy habits over time and was just uncertain how to break those habits and make better, healthier choices.

It is very easy when this happens to become overwhelmed by the idea of change and what lies ahead and just quit before you've even begun.

The trick is to start small, make small changes and focus on only one aspect at a time. Once you've managed one bad habit then you can move onto the next and begin working on that. If you try and change everything at once then you're chance of success will be far less.

Everyone has busy lives, so the last thing you want to do when starting your fitness journey is make your life even more stressful by having to think about food choices, make sure you fit 3-4 workouts in each week, walking more each day, sleeping more, drinking more water, eating more whole foods, eating less processed sugar etc.

Focus on one thing at a time, once that becomes second nature, focus on the next small habit and so on until your good habits outweigh the bad.

You have to see your fitness journey as just that, it's a journey and will take time, patience and consistency. Once you realize this very important factor then success will absolutely happen over time.

Having a good support system around you when starting a fitness journey is also very important. Surrounding yourself with positive people, people who understand what you're trying to do and will cook with you and encourage you with your workouts, will also be vital for achieving your goals. It will be far more likely for you to fall off the wagon if you're partner is ordering takeaways three times per week or making fun of you cooking healthy meals, working out or tracking your calories. If you surround yourself with like minded positive people who you can share your progress with and who encourages you to keep going when maybe you have a wobble or two, this can make all the difference between continuing to press forward and seeing results or quitting.

Encouraging your partner or a friend to join in on your activities, training or cooking can be great for adherence and achieving goals. Once they truly understand how important your fitness goals are to you then having that support will insure you achieve whatever you set out to achieve with much greater ease.

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